Corporate Housing

Renting a furnished apartment saves up to 40% compared to staying in a hotel

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This is why corporate housing is the right fit

Fully furnished Apartment

Corporate Housing means living with all amendities - ranging from flat shares to multi-bedroom apartments.

The kitchen comes fully equipped up to the smallest of spoons; there is enough space to spread out. The walls are decorated with attractive pictures, nice accessoires like a flower vase complete the picture. In our trade, we call this type of temporary living "ready to move in only with a suitcase".

Win-Win for all Parties Involved

Companies, travel management and employees all benefit from corporate housing.

The company receives a significant reduction in costs while also profiting from more productive employees. The travel management cuts its operational expenditures. The employee enjoys a great incentive, private space and retreat in form of a business apartment.

Lowered Costs

The (constantly varying) prices for hotels are always higher than the monthly rent of a comparable business apartments.

Our year-long experience shows that with corporate housing, cost reductions of 40% can be realized on average. This does not include savings actualized by streamlining internal processes in the travel management and accounting departments as well as in controlling.

High Availability

Business apartments secure beds being available even when hotels are fully booked, for instance during fairs.

Additionally, hotel bookings do not have to be refreshed every couple of weeks again. The accommodation stays at the employee's disposal, including on the weekends.

Great Efficiency Gains

Corporate Housing offers tremendous untapped potential for enterprises – Chairos can unleash it for you.

The economical beneftits of corporate housing weigh even heavier when you use Chairos as outsourcing-partner coupled with our best-practice-software "MyCorporateHousing".

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If you are looking to outsource your corporate housing programme or are just beginning to create one, we are happy to support you.
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