The Situation

The management of business apartments is a massive undertaking.

The five challenges of corporate housing


Managing its own pool of business apartments weighs heavily on any company's travel management.

Given all the different contracts for electricity, water, gas, etc., the situation quickly becomes complex. In the worst-case scenario, contracts are not cancelled or renewed on time. On top of this, managing a rental agreement means processing of countless invoices, utility bills and correctly booking those. Chairos stays in charge thanks to our efficient balancing of costs while minimizing the administrative overhead.

Market knowledge

Lacking insights into the local real estate markets can quickly lead to inflated rents.

There is no singular real estate market - rental prices vary dramatically between regions. It is difficult to judge if the price level is appropriate from the corporate headquarter. Chairos knows the markets thanks to our own presence as well as long-standing connection to real estate brokers, preventing excessive payments.

Fluctuating Quality

The quality of business apartments and their inventory vary considerably.

Having no strong business ties into the individual regions can lead to conflicts. Chairos knows the landlords, their reputation and the quality of their apartments. Owing to a centrally coordinated on-site service, Chairos also prevents issues that might arise when the employees moves in.


Finding the right apartments and matching it to the right employees poses a significant challenge.

Having no efficient web-based solution, the coordination between business travellers and the company's travel management quickly becomes very tasking. Chairos decentralizes and automates these processes with our software "MyCorporateHousing", which is integrated seamlessly into the Intranet of the company. It comes with permission-based, hierarchical access levels, effeciently mapping these systems.


The demand for furnished apartments may change heavily over the duration of a project; this can lead to problems.

Managing a whole pool of apartments in-house hurts the required flexibility; the size of the pool can be adjusted only slowly. Chairos enables an ongoing strategic optimization of available business apartments. Chairos monitors the supply and helps to prevent bottlenecks in availability.

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If you require a housing solution for more than 25 employees, we are happy to showcase our solution in detail.

Taking a look at our software

Our software "MyCorporateHousing" serves the employees, project leads, controllers, finance- and travel managers with all required information and repots.

Access is granted online based on a role-based system, reducing the flow of information down to the necessary while making the process highly transparent and also reducing administrative costs.

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